Education and Training in
Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare

About LAL

Details of the registered charity and its activities

LAL is a registered charity whose aims are to promote education and training in laboratory animal science. One of the main ways in which we achieve this is by publication of the journal Laboratory Animals. Our journal has been adopted by the UK, German, Dutch, Israeli, Swiss, Spanish and Portuguese Laboratory Animal Science Associations as their official journal, and it is also the official journal of FELASA. We also aim to fulfil our obligations as a charity by funding a range of other initiatives in the field of laboratory animal science. We provide bursaries to individuals who wish to attend appropriate training courses, and fund speakers at scientific meetings. We also provide financial assistance for workshops in relevant topics (for example laboratory animal anaesthesia). The company continues to fund the proceedings of FELASA conferences, and also has supported this organisation’s other educational activities. Many of FELASA’s working group reports have been published in our journal, and are available either in the print journal or online.

We have also funded other initiatives aimed at improving education and training in laboratory animal science. In many instances, these initiatives are developed in conjunction with those laboratory animal science associations (currently AFSTAL, ESLAV, GV-SOLAS, ILAF, LASA, LAVA, NVP, SECAL, SGV and SPCAL) which have adopted Laboratory Animals as their official journal. Members of these subscribing associations receive copies of the journal at a heavily discounted rate. A reciprocal subscription discount has been agreed with AALAS (the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science), so that members of our subscribing associations can obtain the journal Comparative Medicine at a discounted rate. AALAS Gold members can subscribe to Laboratory Animals at a discounted rate.

LAL is a company limited by guarantee and has no share capital. The Memorandum of Association obliges the company to apply all its resources to the advancement of public education in laboratory animal science, technology and welfare. It is a United Kingdom registered charity (Number 261047), and none of its directors may receive any fee or remuneration. A report of the activities of the company are published each year in Laboratory Animals.