Education and Training in
Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare

Events and conferences

• Laboratory Animals limited can also provide seeding/start-up funds for organizing conferences, as well as funds for scientific sessions, particularly if the programme includes international experts in laboratory animal science. If an event’s budget lacks the funds to finance international speakers who have expertise in a specific topic, an application for funding travel and/or accommodation may be submitted to LAL. If the funding application is successful, the organisers are requested to display the LAL logo at the particular lecture/session and in case of a congress to provide free space to display the LAL stand. Funding from LAL should also be acknowledged in the congress/conference programme.
• In the event that a course or conference makes a large profit, the recipient will return the funds to LAL, so that they can be used to fund other activities.
• LAL may also provide funding towards the publication of conference proceedings, such as those of FELASA symposia.
• LAL can also provide funding for workshops in topics that are relevant to laboratory animal science, technology and welfare.

To apply for funding, please see the “Application Procedure” section.