Education and Training in
Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare

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LAL is a registered charity whose aims are to promote education and training in laboratory animal science. We fund a range of initiatives in the field of laboratory animal science including bursaries to attend app ropriate training courses, speakers at scientific meetings, financial assistance for workshops the proceedings of FELASA conferences and of course our journal - Laboratory Animals

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The Journal

The journal has published numerous guidelines and working group reports on animal use, care and welfare. To access these articles, please visit the website. To find out more about our journal, Laboratory Animals:  The International Journal of Laboratory Animal Science & Welfare ...

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Laboratory Animals Ltd Scholarships
for the 13th FELASA Congress, Brussels, Belgium, 13 – 16 June 2016.


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Calendar Jan 2016

What is on and where to go for your CPD


• Individual scientists, who wish to attend training (courses) in laboratory animal scie...

Mission statement

Education and training in laboratory animal science and welfare Laboratory Animals Lim...

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The 2016 Annual General Meeting [A-49]of the Company will take place on
Wednesday 15th June from 10:15 until 11:45 in Room 214,
The Square-Brussels Meeting Centre, Rue Ravenstein 2, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

·Please advise to by 6 June 2016, if you will be attending
·Please note: To be able to access the meeting area (since it is during the FELASA 2016 Congress), you will need to have registered to attend the congress (

LABORATORY ANIMALS is  celebrateing its 50th anniversary in 2016.

To mark this event, the journal  has undergone some exciting changes:
An increase from four to six issues per year (first issue February 2016)
Translations of abstracts in every issue into three languages (French, German, Spanish)
A section in each issue for news, announcements and reports from subscribing associations
50th anniversary editorial free online